Repton Prep

Foremarke Hall, Repton's Preparatory School, is set in fifty-five spectacular acres of South Derbyshire countryside, with a glorious 18th Century Palladian hall at its heart. We pride ourselves in providing a special place where children aged 3-13 can work and play together in safe and stimulating surroundings, delivering high academic standards, a broad-based curriculum and outstanding facilities.

We aim to encourage children to use their minds well, to understand that with privilege comes responsibility and to make wise judgments. In addition, we believe that children need time and space – and at Foremarke there is plenty of both – to grow up! At the end of Year 8 we aim to say farewell to thirteen year olds who are good and ready for the move to senior school: confident, achieving well and aware of the needs of others.

Current vacancies at Repton Prep

There are currently no job vacancies at this school.