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Parkside is an outstanding preparatory school for boys aged from 4 to 13 years old, with an onsite co-educational nursery. Set in over 45 acres of beautiful Surrey countryside on the banks of the River Mole, it provides vast amounts of outdoor space for children to play and learn, which is incorporated into our curriculum. It is a wonderful environment where children’s curiosity is awakened. Their journey is one of discovery; where talents and passions are nurtured and developed and our pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. 

A Parkside education is forward thinking and based on a creative curriculum, however, traditional values are weaved through in day to day life. Success is underpinned by an emphasis on manners and etiquette. This ensures that boys leave Parkside as outstanding and well-rounded gentlemen, ready to embark on the next stage of their learning journey.

Knowing each child as an individual helps us to recognise their qualities and what makes them tick. All pupils are supported to take risks and persist with any obstacles they may encounter on their journey through Parkside. Weaknesses, as well as strengths, are celebrated and used to develop skills in order to achieve goals. Staff are there to guide pupils back to their path of success if they fall, but continually encourage risk in order to ensure development and achieve goals. We believe that taking risks ensures complete development in the boys, and builds on their confidence resulting in a sense of pride and determination coupled with an unrivalled work ethic; invaluable in gaining success for their future.

They develop the courage to rise to each challenge, persevere when the going gets tough and face their fears with confidence. Ms Janssen, the Head's mantra 'make it happen' resonates throughout the School. We catch them when they fall and guide them back on their individual journey.

Knowing our pupils individually is what makes time at Parkside more than an education. Recognising the importance of knowing what motivates our pupils as individuals is key to healthy and successful leavers. Staff are skilled in tailoring the curriculum to each individual and class sizes remain small in order to deliver this effectively. From the Head through to catering staff, teachers and groundsmen, the pupils at Parkside are known and valued as individuals. This makes decisions about senior school much easier and made with increased confidence.

We recognise that with academic rigour, comes pressure to succeed, and this pressure must be managed in a healthy and robust manner. Boys at Parkside feel supported and encouraged to be the best version of themselves in order to transition into their senior school and further education. Solid values and techniques for dealing with stress ensure that pupils are able to succeed. A comprehensive provision of pastoral care, including sport, enrichment and healthy food, builds the foundations and reassurance for pupils to continue through their education.

These values, together with the development of modern day skills (gained through IT, food tech, design & technology and forest school), are all housed within state-of-the-art facilities and prime the boys for their future. These skills are sealed with a strong pastoral provision, extracurricular programme and sports schedule to diffuse any risk of a ‘hot house’ environment.

We are uniquely geared to being able to accept children at a variety of ages and deliver them effectively to a range of senior schools, confident and well-prepared for their future.

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Parkside School is a boys’ independent Preparatory School and co-ed Nursery, with a strong, nurturing and family ethos; set in beautiful grounds of 45 acres and only 40 minutes to London.

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